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Beyond Saving: What’s Next in Supermarket Power Management?

There are multiple factors currently affecting energy and utility markets. While renewable energy sources are creating more challenges for energy providers, utilities are dealing with emerging power quality and availability issues. And, with new lighting efficacy regulations on tap, supermarket energy programs will be seeking to mine additional savings to fill the void. Emerson’s James Jackson puts these industry trends and dynamics into a wider perspective and explains how power markets and demand management can provide opportunities for supermarket operators to potentially generate profits by controlling and shifting their energy loads. James explains how the emergence of utility micro-grids will necessitate smarter approaches to energy loads and building automation. Energy expert Matt Smith provides a utility’s perspective on these trends and discusses San Diego Gas & Electric’s development of emerging technologies such as its thermal storage projects. Matt also provides information about how supermarkets can leverage these utility programs and energy markets using building management systems.
Presenters: James Jackson, Business Development Manager, Emerson and Matt Smith, Project Manager — Emerging Technologies Group, San Diego Gas & Electric