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E360 Webinar 28: Pioneering Natural Refrigerants: A Grocery Case Study

Few food retailers have staked their reputation on environmentally friendly practices more than the natural foods industry mainstay, Whole Foods Market. At the heart of the retailer’s sustainability initiatives is their pioneering approach to the use of refrigeration architectures based entirely on ultra-low GWP, natural refrigerants — a strategy that makes them one of the first retailers in the United States to embrace propane (R-290) in their stand-alone display cases.
In this E360 webinar, you will hear firsthand from Tristam Coffin, director of sustainability and facilities for Whole Foods Market’s northern California region, as he discusses the factors driving the retailer’s natural refrigerant strategy.
We will also provide an update on the regulations governing the use of R-290, including the potential changes to charge limits and the evolving safety standards. Finally, for an OEM perspective, the webinar will feature a leading manufacturer of R-290 stand-alone commercial refrigeration equipment — one which has recently migrated its entire stand-alone product line to R-290.