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GreenChill Report: Supermarket Refrigeration Data Trends

The goals of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership program are to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their negative impacts on the environment. Since launching in 2007, the program has formed partnerships with companies now representing nearly one-third of U.S. supermarkets. To date, more than 350 individual stores have met stringent GreenChill certification criteria, demonstrating environmentally friendlier commercial refrigeration systems with minimal leaks. The GreenChill program is a microcosm for understanding larger refrigeration trends in the food retail industry. In this E360 Webinar, Tom Land, manager of the EPA’s GreenChill program, reported on the 10-year data trends gathered from companies participating in the program, including: Emissions and refrigerant leak rates of refrigeration systems, types of refrigerants installed and emerging system architectures, and technology innovations and refrigerant transition trends in GreenChill-certified stores.