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Panel Discussion: Trends Changing the Refrigeration Landscape in Food Retail


From the rise of e-commerce and shrinking store footprints to new refrigeration technologies and a dynamic regulatory environment, various factors are driving changes in supermarket refrigeration architectures. This panel discussion will allow attendees to hear multiple sides of this story and learn how stakeholders are evaluating and responding to the fluid mix of market influences, including: 
• Digital shopping — More consumers are electing to shop for groceries and general merchandise using their smartphones instead of in brick-and-mortar aisles. How will retailers deliver expected food safety and quality levels? 
• Store formats — Not only are footprints getting smaller, but there’s also a new focus on freshness and freshly prepared foods. How can supermarket operators guarantee premium experiences in these new formats? 
• System architectures — Refrigeration systems are evolving to meet changing market demands. What do retailers need to be mindful of when seeking alternatives to traditional, large centralized DX rack systems? 
• Click and collect — Curbside grocery pickup and home delivery services are being offered by more retailers. Which types of refrigeration assets and architectures should retailers consider to meet these fulfillment criteria? 
• Refrigerants and regulations — DOE, EPA and CARB regulations continue to evolve. What are the latest developments, and how will they impact refrigerant choices and refrigeration architectures, both today and in the future? 
Panelists: Derek Gosselin, Director — Technical Product Support, Hillphoenix and Brad Thrasher, South Central Regional Sales Manager, Zero Zone 
Moderator: Jason Born, Innovation Lead, The Helix, Emerson