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Preparing for the Safe Use of A2L Refrigerants in Commercial Refrigeration


In this E360 Webinar, experts and practitioners explore one European retailer’s sustainability journey from HFCs to low-GWP A2L refrigerants. Currently, several industry working groups are in the process of evaluating A2Ls and A3s in equipment and field applications, including: UL 60335-2-89 (the equipment standard based on IEC 60335-2-89) and ASHRAE-15 (the application standard updated for commercial refrigeration based on ISO 5149) — both of which are approaching the final phases of approval. However, in Europe, A2Ls have already been approved and widely adopted in commercial refrigeration applications, providing an opportunity for the U.S. to learn from those experiences.

Attendees will learn about the key points of the European retailer’s journey:
• Defining sustainability goals and objectives — and meeting them
• Transitioning from A1s (HFCs) to A2Ls
• Applying A2L systems in a safe and effective way
• Understanding impacts on store and equipment design, training, and maintenance
• Imparting lessons learned along the way

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