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The Risks and Rewards of Connecting Commercial Kitchen

In recent years, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and restaurant retailers have spent considerable time and effort figuring out how to leverage the power of connectivity in commercial kitchens. While it’s relatively easy to conceptualize how the internet of things (IoT) could improve operational efficiencies and provide business value, bringing these ideas to fruition has proved more difficult. This E360 Webinar will examine why this is the case, and focus on how foodservice OEMs and retailers can work together to tap this seemingly limitless potential. “The Risks and Rewards of Connecting Commercial Kitchens” will focus on these key points: the importance of defining the scope and purpose of your connected project; an examination of the far-reaching and dramatic impacts to your business; real-world examples of successful and failed connectivity projects; and evaluating business models that involve service contracts, recurring revenue.
Presenter – Paul Hepperla, Vice President, Solutions Integration — Foodservice, Emerson