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Thinking Differently: New Approaches to Food Retail Operational Challenges

Today’s supermarket operators face a challenging mix of rapidly evolving technologies and dynamic market pressures. To compete with e-retail giants, traditional food retailers are introducing omnichannel offerings via curbside pickup and direct-to-consumer services. At the same time, the move to smaller-format stores, the shortage of qualified technicians and increasing labor costs are re-shaping the grocery landscape. Succeeding in this environment will require innovative thinking and new approaches to these emerging challenges. Steve and Mike will discuss this evolution and explain how leading grocers are thriving in this competitive market space. Attendees will learn how retailers are optimizing the efficiencies of mechanical systems — such as HVAC, refrigeration and lighting — via the integration of smart electronic controls and software. And as the food supply chain evolves to offer consumers greater speed, selection and safety, retailers will also need tools to assure that their food has been handled properly at every step. Steve and Mike will discuss the importance of predictive maintenance strategies, and how smart systems provide technicians with the information they need to keep systems operating at peak reliability and efficiency. Attendees will learn how these integrated systems can help them better optimize day-to-day operations and drive retailer profitability, even for those with limited budgets for capital investments.
Presenters: Ed McKiernan, President, Cold Chain, Electronics & Solutions, Emerson and Mike Roberts, Director of Partnerships and Corporate Development, ServiceChannel