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Why Retrofit Aging Refrigeration Architecture

Reliable refrigeration is the backbone of any supermarket operation. But if you’re like many owner/operators, you’ve been relying on the same system for decades. During that time, most systems experience declining performance and energy efficiencies and a progressive deviation from their original commissioned state. While these systems are perfect candidates for an upgrade or a retrofit, even newer systems offer opportunities for improvements, especially within the context of today’s rapidly evolving industry and market dynamics.
This E360 Webinar recording is designed to help you better understand the many factors to consider when evaluating a supermarket refrigeration retrofit. Guiding you through this important process is Andre Patenaude, Emerson’s director of food retail marketing and growth strategy, cold chain.
In this webinar, you will learn: Industry and market trends driving the need for refrigeration system retrofits; how to identify deficiencies and baseline performances in centralized architectures; a look at the potential architectures of the future; recommended technologies for retrofits and recommissioning; energy-efficiency strategies for refrigeration, HVAC and the complete building envelope.
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